11 Tips On How To Detox Your Home

Growing up, I always loved returning home, not only because of my family, 11 tips on how to detox your home and embracing the opportunity to rest from all the day’s stress, but because my home provides a healthy comfort to me.

But the healthy comfort , the home provides is slowly dwindling away, allowing for the rise of discomfort even in the home that should keep you safe; all thanks to harmful toxins lurking around every nook and cranny of the home, hence, there’s now a dire need to get rid of these harmful toxins.

How to detox your home


We’ve all heard about detoxing your body, but how many of us detoxify our homes?

benefits of detoxing your homeDetoxing your home simply means eradicating toxins that are lethal to your health. The abundance of these toxins can pose serious threats to your health, and the fact that you have a clean home doesn’t mean you’re entirely free of these toxins.

We all crave a healthy home, but a home isn’t healthy until you can feel safe from contaminants and toxicities in the outside world. Our homes should serve as a safe haven, where we don’t have to fear for our health. You’re advised to not only be conscious of what you put in your mouth, but also your environment. A toxic home can make you sick also.

How to detox your homeSo, whether these chemicals are already present, or you just wanna play safe, these tips would reduce the risk of these chemicals around your living space, and show you the benefits of detoxing your home.


This post contains 11 simple and straightforward directions on how to detox your home. Happy reading.

  • Get rid of as many plastics as you can.
  • Filter your drinking water by making use of a water filter system.
  • Have a shower head filter — It gets rid of chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Air dry your dry cleaned clothes for a few hours before taking them into your house.
  • Before sleeping, turn on your phone’s airplane mode, especially if you keep it in the same room with you.
  • Change your pillows every couple of years, preferably every five years.
  • Have a ‘no shoes in the house’ They should be left outside at the door.
  • Bring in Air-cleaning plants. They help in detoxifying your home by ridding your home of certain pollutants.
  • Do not often make use of chemically made pesticides, instead try natural pesticides.
  • Keep your windows open. Studies have shown that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air; throwing open your windows for a few minutes daily would allow polluted air go out and keep your house ventilated.
  • Have surfaces cleaned with antibacterial cloths and water.

    benefits of detoxing your home


You’re charged to practice the directions above and check out the results after a month on how to detox your home.

You’d most likely discover that you’d have gotten out those pollutants and harmful chemicals, you’d find there’d be less discomfort in your home, the air wouldn’t be stale anymore but fresh. You’d observe that some symptoms attached to the presence of toxins in your home would have disappeared, leaving your mood in an improved state, causing a reduction in depression and anxiety.

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