18 Things we should have realized before the Pandemic started

The entire world has been under the ghastly spell of the Corona Virus or COVID19, the moniker it is much popularly known by. There will always be a never-ending debate on whether the Corona Virus has occurred naturally or is a bio-weapon made by man to satiate his hunger for power and superiority.

The accession in the number of deaths globally and the fact that there is currently no vaccination against the virus are a cause of concern and worry.

To combat this arduous situation of crisis, a number of Governments of countries affected by the COVID virus have taken an ample amount of steps and measures to contain the situation and establish peace and normalcy to the panic-ridden people globally. With a few vaccinations under trials to some medical miracles, everything is being tried out.

With lockdowns and nation-wide curfews in some countries, man, in general, has come to learn some valuable life lessons in a hard way. While some of our observations are really amusing, some are worth pondering upon.

If you have come across an observation that we missed to put out on our list, feel free to write it down in the comments section below

Here we go,

1 With lockdowns across the major metropolitans worldwide and the virus scare forcing the people to stay indoors, we can positively state that a majority of people can work from the comfort of their own houses. Yes, Work from Home is suddenly the coolest thing to do right now.

2 Confined to the four walls of our homes, being with our family, we should realize that we can do without vacation trips abroad every now and then. Vacation is where the entire family is together and not on some trip across Europe.

Work From Home

3 – Coming to food, with major groceries and daily essentials made easily available and people shifting towards feasting on home-cooked, humble meals; we have realized that we can live without eating the burgers and pizzas every now and then. There is nothing better than the food cooked by your mother.

Home Food

4 When it came to testing and treating patients detected positive with the virus, we realized that in a mass populated country like India, we can build hospitals and medical facilities within a matter of just a few days. And if even that is difficult we can always have makeshift plans to accommodate the need of the hour. Who could have thought of turning the railway train compartments into hospital wards?

Hospitals for the needy

5 – We have always cribbed about having less money to spend despite spending whatever we have in our pockets so unwisely. Staying indoors and spending money only on mere essentials has definitely instilled the fact that we have an abundance of money, we only need to learn to spend it wisely.

Save Money

6 – While curbing our meaningless expenditures, we have also realized that we need not own every designer outfit available in the market nor we should always upgrade to the latest version of Apple, the minute it launches.

Don’t be a Spendthrift

7 – The worse section of the society to be hit amidst the ongoing contagion is the lower working class, the laborers and the poor people. Realizing the need of the hour and supporting the brilliant initiative of our Prime Minister, people from all walks of life including other politicians, industrialists, film celebrities, sportsmen and even general public, all of them have been contributing funds generously for the welfare of the needy. We can raise and spend money on the poor, red-tapism is not required at all times.

Lower class people suffering the most

8 – Corona was declared to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The word “Pandemic” refers to a disease that has occurred over a wide geographical area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population. When Corona struck, it caused equal havoc if not greater in the developed, developing and under-developed countries. Corona showed no bias against the first world countries, thus proving a point that developed nations are as vulnerable as the developing or under-developed ones.

9 – You need to pay hefty fees to a gymnasium for keeping you healthy and in shape. You can work out at home, your society terrace and any well-ventilated place for that matter. And it is not always about the gym equipment, there are alternates practices for staying healthy. Take Yoga, for instance. Having said that, we would not deny how a gym can help you achieve your dream body. It can be termed as a luxury rather than a necessity in times like this when you are homebound.

Yoga at home!

10 – With social distancing become a norm and everyone advised to maintain a safe distance from everyone to avoid the spread of COVID, even prisoners involved in petty crimes are being released on paroles from jails. This is quite an eye-opener that a lot of people are imprisoned in jails over trivial matters, loading our prisons and the Government unnecessarily and this can be avoided in all certainty.

Social Distancing

11 – Just like the over-burdened prisons of India, the schools and colleges lay down a huge amount of burden on the shoulders of little children and youth. During our childhood, we always, at some point in time wondered why there are exams and tests, and projects and submissions. This idea of no examinations or any such equivalent peril in front of us to get on to the next grade has crossed our minds for sure. With all the educational institutions across the country shut, and also some of them promoting all the students to the next grade without examinations makes us wonder whether our education system is correct stressing on the need for examinations and testing the capabilities of the student so rigorously.

coronavirus india

12 – Indians, strongly believe in the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means the entire world is one family. Time and again, we have proved that we lead by example, practice what we preach. Every citizen of the country plays an integral part in supporting the national and world family at large by just staying indoors and not assisting in the spread of the virus. This shows that we can go to huge extents in doing things for our family which in turn proves that our concept of family and family system is still, very much intact.

13 – With the data pouring in from various parts of India showing that the most vulnerable to the citizens are the elder members of our family. We all have been taking adequate measures and precautions to ascertain their safety and well-being. As it is rightly said, the elders are the backbone of the Indian family system.

Take care of Elders!

14 – “The family that prays together eats together…. stays together.” As much as this line may sound straight of a Bollywood movie, it is turning out to be true in the present scenario. With everyone indoors and spending some quality time together, it is possible for people, for instance, spouses to be together. A husband can happily live with his wife without weekly visits to the parlor and vice versa. Monogamy is still a thing for us Indians!

15 – OTTs have become an integral part of our daily lives. Nary a soul who hasn’t binge-watched a show on Netflix or Prime Video. They are indeed our support system in these testing times but with everyone locked indoors, watching the beautiful sunsets on a daily basis has become a thing. If it hadn’t been for times, like now, we would never have realized the context of the phrase “Watch more sunsets than Netflix”.

Sunset during the Covid19 Pandemic

16 – NATURE IS HEALING!! The ban on usage of public vehicles, people working from home has all reduced the pollution we have been causing all this time. And with pollution levels on the decline, we are experiencing pleasant weather outside, increased oxygen levels in the atmosphere and a more pure air to breathe in.

Nature is Rebooting

17 – As we mentioned about the ban of public vehicles and home quarantine for people thus a huge drop in the levels of usage of private vehicles, we can come to see that we use a lot of petrol and since petrol is majorly an imported commodity in our country, a huge amount of money is spent on buying it from oil-producing nations. Now, that we have reduced using vehicles at least for time being, we will ease out the burden on our economy for purchasing fuels like petrol and diesel.

Save money & Save resources

18 – With humans confined in the prisons of their own houses, the fauna of the country also has a certain reason to rejoice. No poaching, no habitat destruction and no illegal trading of wild animals.

Corona Virus Outbreak

What we are facing right now is the karma of our own wrongdoings somehow. We are in the era of industrialization and development, and to get here we have sacrificed the most important element indispensable for our survival- our Earth.

There are no two ways, that the Corona Pandemic is one of the worst disasters of our times with a humungous loss of health, lives of people and a majority of nations suffering severe economic deterioration but the most important lesson this crisis has taught us is that we are indeed greedy, want everything for our own accession and at any cost. 

This is incorrect at many levels. It has also taught us that there is still humanity left inside of us, with each of us helping each other as and when possible. But we also need to be humane towards our planet, every other being on this planet. We are all in this together.

Together we can do this

Having said that it took a virus to unite us together and de-pollute our planet. And with unwavering hope, we shall also overcome the COVID19 pandemic.

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