5 Best Horror Movies on Netflix India

Horror Movies on Netflix India

With countless movies and shows available on Netflix, it might take you forever to choose what you want to watch. So, if you love horror movies and are looking for some of the best horror movies on Netflix India then here it is:

5 best Horror Movies on Netflix India

1 A Quiet Place

It is an unusual horror story where a family is trapped inside an apocalyptic wasteland. The place is such that even a tiny amount of sound triggers monstrous creatures which are indestructible.

Even though there are very few dialogues, the film is pretty engaging. The movie directly focuses on the main part instead of fooling around the reasons as to why certain things happened.

IMDB RATING – 7.5/10

2 Hush

A deaf novelist goes to an isolated woodland cabin to complete her book and get over a breakup. She thinks she is alone but actually, she is being plagued by a creepy psycho in a featureless mask.

The situation becomes more frightening when you can’t hear or see the murderer coming, don’t you agree? The movie is filled with suspense and thrill. If you like watching horror and psycho films, you’ll love this one.

IMDB RATING – 6.6/10

3 Don’t Breathe

This movie is one of the best directed and presented the horror movie of the decade. The characters, the storyline and the direction will keep you captivated till the end. The movie doesn’t revolve around claustrophobia.

A trio robs a wealthy blind man’s house and tries escaping the place. But the old man isn’t as helpless as it seems. The trio needs to escape the house before they become one of his victims.

IMDB RATING – 6.5/10

4 Gerald’s Game

A couple heads over to their usual holiday home to spend some quality time together. They decide to try some kinky stuff and handcuffs the wife to the bed. Things change when the husband gets a heart attack and leaves his wife cuffed to the bed.

With no one else in the house, the wife tries to free herself from the cuffs. After almost an hour and a half, she dies of thirst/dog/demon/monster, who knows? Get ready for some psychological chills as your witness the terror experienced by the wife.

IMDB RATING – 6.6/10

5 Oculus

Oculus is one of the best psychological horror movies. A young woman believes that supernatural force is responsible for all the terrible things happening in her life. It is a mind-bending thriller with a fantastic plot twist. Two stories run parallel and make the story more confusing. It is definitely one of the best horror movies on Netflix India.

If you are a horror movie fan, then you are going to love these movies. They are phenomenal in every aspect, from direction to the storyline. The horror movies are a great way to bring is some thrill in your movie night. Each of these movies will leave you baffled!

IMDB RATING – 6.5/10

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