5 Best Places In Mumbai For Couples

Exploring new places with your partner is the most exciting and thrilling thing that you can do for your relationship. Watching the sunset at Marine Drive, enjoying a falooda at Juhu beach, feeling the cold waves at Chowpatty, a long drive at Bandra-Worli sea link are some of the things that you can enjoy in Mumbai with your partner. Mumbai is a crowded city but that’s what makes the place special. There is a wave of calmness in this chaos.

If you are looking for the best places in Mumbai for couples then here are a few suggestions:


1. Marine Drive

There is something magical in the winds of Marine Drive. You don’t have to do anything, the place itself will make your moments romantic. The cool breeze, the fading colors of the sky and the picturesque view makes it a perfect place to spend an evening with your lover! After you are done spending time here, you can also have dinner at one of the restaurants in the area. There are some amazing restaurants with a blissful ambiance and delicious food!

2. Juhu beach

While the whole city is on a run, this place will allow you to soak in a few moments of peace. Devour on some amazing chat, have an ice-cream/ falooda together and enjoy the view. You’ll see a lot of people spending some quality time with each other. This place makes you do that! If you are visiting Juhu beach, you have to visit Prithvi café. You’ll love the food and the atmosphere there.

3. Worli sea face

After a long drive at Worli-sea link, spend some time at Worli sea face. In the chaos of the city, this place feels like a paradise. Even with so much noise in the background, you’ll feel relaxed. Many people come here to exercise, take a walk or just enjoy the view. Also, don’t forget to have a plate of chana chor or bhelpuri, just to add some spice to your evening!

4. Carter Road, Bandra

Carter road is a very known hangout spot for everyone- family, friends, couples, singles. You cannot go wrong with this place because it has a different place for couples altogether, the lover’s point! The elegant restaurants lined up on the street and beautiful view makes it one of the best places in Mumbai for couples.

5. Girgaum Chowpatty

Chowpatty is one of the most fun places in Mumbai. You can literally spend your time doing anything and everything there. Take your girlfriend/boyfriend for a picnic, enjoy the sunset, have some street food and soak in the atmosphere. But make sure you visit this place during sunset, the view is magical. The sun painting the sky with beautiful colours and the splendid view of Malabar hills is something that you have to witness!

Though people may feel like Mumbai cannot be romantic because of so much crowd but little do they know that it is where the beauty lies!

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