This marketing tactic never grows old, does it?
Guerrilla marketing has proven itself time and time again to be a highly effective marketing strategy. As a startup in your industry, competing with brands can be likened to a Toyota Camry having a head-on collision with a Mack Truck, it wouldn’t end so well for the Camry, would it? Poor Toyota Camry.

Startups can however harness the power inherent in guerrilla marketing — Guerrilla marketing ideas for startups an advertising method that allows businesses to promote their brands at a low cost, unconventional way, thereby increasing awareness. And guess what! This happens quickly before your competitors have enough time to respond.

Guerrilla marketing is about hitting your customers when they least expect, catching them by surprise; leaving an indelible imprint in their minds on a more personal and emotional level.

In implementing any idea, you should:

  • Brand your company,
  • Focus on consumer needs and wants,
  • Not pay too much attention to rules.

These few simple Guerrilla marketing ideas if utilized well can help startups gain immense visibility, and sell like cream lotions on a hot summer day.

Create Holiday Cards

Brands are slowly slipping away into forgetting that holidays are special to people, hence, they either forget them or they don’t put in enough effort as they should into making them.

Have your team come up with a memorable holiday card for your customers, as a way of appreciating them during the holidays.

Buy Your Customers Something

It can be something small as a cup of coffee or a smoothie. You could partner with a local coffee shop around your locality, and foot the bills for a coffee for a certain number of your customers. Have the coffee seller announce that your brand is covering the bills for their coffee.

Public Transportation

Otherwise called transit advertising. This guerrilla marketing strategy takes place as a means of public transportation. Guerrilla marketing ideas for startups this type of marketing makes it impossible for your audience to turn deaf ears to your advertising because it’s taking place right in front of them.

 Branded Commodity

A branded commodity, simply put, is an item that expresses your brand’s personality. Guerrilla marketing ideas for startups branded commodities could be pens, shirts with your brand’s name and message on it, you can distribute them at places such as Conferences, special events or meetings.

Your customers get to receive these commodities, and you know what? They hold on to them for long periods of time. This is a great way to increase awareness.

 Reverse Graffiti

Reverse GraffitiAlso known as clean advertising, reverse graffiti is another guerrilla marketing idea. All you need do is find a wall or any other public space that already has graffiti on it, and “design” your own logo or message on it using soap.


Before kick-starting any Guerrilla Marketing idea, be sure to do your research. Study the people who went ahead of you in your industry, study their ad history, their own guerrilla marketing ideas. Once done, creatively devise a plan, putting into consideration, your brand values.

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