7 New Relationship Advice For Ladies

Love is a beautiful thing, I mean from meeting for the first time, to going on that first date is beautiful. Here 7 New Relationship Advice For Ladies: The thought of being with someone, feeling loved and cherished can make the butterflies in your stomach sing ‘Hallelujah.’

Being with the one you love, the one your heart yearns for, and receiving his love is blissful. And as you both plan to live your life together, you cannot help but wonder where this person has been all your life.

The man is here now, that’s the most important thing, right? The next step is working towards ensuring that your relationship reaches the peak you envision.

A lot of different people have different things to say about relationships; one of those things is that “keeping a relationship is one hell of a difficult task.” But is that true? A thousand times ‘No’.

What makes a relationship challenging isn’t the relationship itself but the persons involved?Relationships require efforts from both parties, you don’t sit, legs and arms crossed, expecting your relationship to work by magic.

Hello! I don’t see a fairy godmother waving a magic wand here.

That’s why in this article, I’ve put together 7 New Relationship Advice For Ladies — how they can start a new relationship with a guy:


    relationship advice for teenage girlYes, you’re crazy in love with this guy but you don’t have to be stupid in love with him too. You need to have your own life sister! And if you don’t yet have, you should go get one. Set the rest of your life in motion. You have friends and family, don’t relegate them to the back seat because of your man. You ought to be able to bring balance to all your relationships.
    Have an identity and some independence. Spending all your time with him could lead to the romance sizzling out, and things getting boring in the relationship. Maintain your sense of independence.


    what guys want in a new relationshipSadly, many ladies do not adhere to this. Let me break it to you — Guys love to do the chasing. Yes, they like to be the one coming after the ladies; and you going after him would be you doing his job. It’s a huge turn off.
    You don’t have to call him 1000 times everyday, you don’t have to be the one initiating the intimate stuff.
    Calm down. Allow him to chase you.


    relationship advice for teenage girlSelf love cannot be overemphasized. If you do not love yourself, you wouldn’t be able to receive love as you should, it just wouldn’t be enough. You’d feel insecure and unworthy; take out time to appreciate yourself — your good qualities, strengths and achievements.
    You’re a strong and beautiful lady, you just need to know it for yourself.


    new relationship advice for ladiesWhy do ladies keep shut expecting guys to figure out what’s wrong with them? Okay not all ladies, but a good number of them. It’s frustrating and you don’t wanna get your man frustrated with you.
    Do not hesitate to speak up when something’s bugging you. Talk about issues with him, he’s not always gonna figure things out by himself. Talk about the important things before going in deeper with a guy. The beginning of a relationship is where you lay the foundation for the future, hence, how much and how well you communicate sets the pace for what you’d receive from him.


    how to start a relationship with a guyNo relationship ladened with unforgiveness will last. Always be ready to forgive him, relationships ain’t no bed of roses, it won’t be smiles and laughter all the time. He’s gonna step on your toes, piss you off; it could be a habit but whatever it is, it’s best to resolve your issues via dialogue instead of holding grudges.
    Hold grudges can spell doom for your relationship in the long run. You’d begin to see him with eyes of anger and even hate, and when hate steps in, ‘boom’, there goes your relationship.


    how to start a relationship with a guyBeing unsupported of things he likes could lead to anger, guilt and even lies setting in, when he wants to sneak out to play golf with the guys.
    Whatever hobby he has — whether it’s golf, football, video games etc. be supportive.
    If you’re not, it belittles him and reduces something of importance in his life.


    what guys want in a new relationshipDon’t try to search for your old relationship with your new partner, not even by mistake. You should enjoy what your new partner brings to the relationship, except you’re looking for someone like your ex; you can as well just go right back to him. You injure a man’s ego when you compare him to someone else, he should be enough for you.
    Leave the past where it belongs, and focus on the new guy. Deliberately forget scars and wounds from previous relationships, this could sabotage what should have been magical; that’s why it’s expedient to heal from a previous relationship before moving on to someone new. It’s unfair to your partner if your emotions are still caught up in your past.


So there you have it — 7 advice on how to start a relationship with a guy. Heed to them and watch your affair blossom into something amazing.

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