Best Dog Breeds for Mumbai

Dogs are the most loyal, therapeutic and cutest friends that we can ever have. Just spending time with dogs can make you happier and less stressed. It seems like a great idea to have a dog at your place, isn’t it? For most of you, it is easy but owning a dog in Mumbai is a little difficult. Best dog breeds for mumbai because not all dogs can survive the weather of Mumbai and its cramped apartments. If you are looking for dog breeds that can survive in Mumbai, then here are a few suggestions:


1. Border Collie

best dog breeds for mumbai


Before we get into why best dog breeds for mumbai, this breed is perfect for Mumbai, can we just acknowledge how cute it is? This breed can survive the climate of Mumbai, it is ideal for the warm weather of the city. It does not require much space and can easily adjust in any average flat of Mumbai. If you are looking for someone that can boost your mood, this has to be your first choice. Border Collie breed is known to be a powerhouse of energy. It is always going to hype you up! But you’ll have to take the do for regular walks as it needs to make use of that energy.

2. Golden Retriever

dog breeders in mumbai


Golden retrievers are the most handsome breed, don’t you think? Just look at the colour, their face and their charming personality. Why will anyone deny a pet like this? This breed is so homely that they can make you feel good almost instantly. They are playful, friendly and cuddly; this breed is like every dog lover’s dream. But you need to be careful while feeding golden retrievers, they tend to gain weight easily. Take them for regular walks and take good care of them.

3. Chihuahua

dog breeders in mumbai


This breed can literally fit in your purse, it is that small! They are perfect for cramped apartments in Mumbai and they can adapt to this climate easily. This is what makes them one of the best dog breeds in Mumbai. Plus, they do it require much maintenance and are very loving. It’s a small package with lots of love and happiness. You can take them anywhere, they are less chaotic and easy to take care of. With the busy pace of life in Mumbai, many individuals opt for Chihuahua. It is like the breed is specially made for Mumbai.

4. Labrador

best dog breeds for mumbai


Almost everyone knows this breed, it is really popular. They are very cute, playful, friendly and easy to train. They adapt to Mumbai’s conditions very well and therefore you don’t need to worry about their survival. Most houses in Mumbai have Labrador as their pet. Why wouldn’t they? They fit into the category “best dog breeds for Mumbai” very well. And if you have children at home, then you don’t need to think twice before making Labrador your pet. They are amazing with kids.

Dogs tend to give us their lives without asking much in return. They just need your love, affection and time. We, humans, are really lucky to have dogs in our lives, take good care of them

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